Inland Fisheries Act 2010


Register of sea anglers.

73.— (1) IFI shall establish and maintain a register to be known as the Register of Sea Anglers (“register”).

(2) (a) On payment of the appropriate annual subscription to IFI a person shall be registered in accordance with paragraph (b) in the register.

(b) On receipt of an application for registration in the register, accompanied by the appropriate annual subscription, IFI shall register the applicant as a sea angler.

(c) Where on 31 December in any year a person, other than a person entitled under subsection (4), is registered in a register he or she shall be entitled to remain so registered for the duration of the next following year if, but only if, before the day in that next following year which is the day for the time being fixed by the Minister under subsection (5) he or she pays to IFI the appropriate annual subscription.

(d) Where in any year a person who on the last preceding 31 December was registered in a register fails before the day in that year which is the day so fixed for the time being to pay the appropriate annual subscription, IFI shall immediately remove his or her name from the register.

(3) Any person other than a sea angler who is registered in a register by virtue of subsection (4) (being so registered before 1 January 1988) may at any time by an application in writing to IFI apply to IFI to re-register him or her as a sea angler and, on duly receiving an application under this subsection, IFI shall re-register him or her in the register maintained by it with effect from the day the application was received by it.

(4) (a) A person who immediately before the dissolution thereof was a life member of the Trust shall on application to IFI, and on making a declaration in a form approved of for the purposes of this subsection by the Minister, be registered by IFI in the register maintained by IFI.

(b) A person who is registered in a register under paragraph (a) may apply in writing to have his or her name removed from the register and on receipt of such an application IFI shall allow the application.

(c) Subsections (2)(a) and (b) apply to applications under this subsection as they apply to applications under that subsection but subject to the following modification, namely, the requirements of those paragraphs relating to annual subscriptions shall be disregarded.

(5) The Minister may by order fix a day or days for the purposes of subsection (2) and any such day may be so fixed in relation to—

(a) one or more particular years, or

(b) a particular year and the subsequent year thereafter, or

(c) any year.

(6) (a) References in this section to the appropriate annual subscription are references to an annual subscription of such amount as shall be fixed for the time being for the purposes of this section by the Minister, with the consent of the Minister for Finance.

(b) In this section “registered” means registered in the register.

(c) In this section and in section 81 “life member of the Trust” includes any person who the council of the Trust, under the Articles of Association of the Trust, distinguished as a donor member.

(7) The information contained in a register kept by a regional board in accordance with section 58 of the Act of 1980 and section 20 of the Act of 1987 shall on the establishment day be transferred to the new register established under this section by IFI.