Charities Act 2009


Determination of appeals by Tribunal.

77.— (1) An appeal to the Tribunal shall be brought not later than 21 days from the date of the decision that is being appealed.

(2) The Tribunal shall hold one or more hearings for the purpose of determining an appeal.

(3) The Tribunal shall not later than—

(a) 21 days, or

(b) such lesser period as the Tribunal specifies with the consent of the parties to the appeal,

before the hearing of an appeal serve a notice in writing on the parties.

(4) The following information shall be included in a notice under subsection (3):

(a) the date, time, venue and purpose of the hearing;

(b) an outline of the substance of the matters to be dealt with at the hearing;

(c) an outline of the procedures to be adopted at the hearing;

(d) a reference to the provisions of this Act and any rules made under it that are relevant to the holding of the hearing;

(e) a statement that the Tribunal will, unless substantial grounds arise for its deciding to do otherwise, proceed with the hearing at the date and time concerned notwithstanding that a party does not attend the hearing;

(f) a statement that the Tribunal will determine the appeal notwithstanding that a party does not take part in the proceedings before the Tribunal; and

(g) any other information that the Tribunal considers appropriate.

(5) Each of the parties to an appeal shall be entitled to, and be given, the opportunity to be heard at the hearing and to present evidence to the Tribunal.

(6) The Tribunal may adjourn the hearing by it of a matter until a date specified by it.

(7) A decision of a majority of the members of the Tribunal shall suffice for any purpose.

(8) The Tribunal shall, on completion of the hearing of an appeal, make a determination in relation to the appeal and notify the appellant and the Authority of that determination.