Public Transport Regulation Act 2009


Offer of grant of licence.

11.— (1) The Authority may decide prior to the grant of any licence, or of licences in respect of particular categories of public bus passenger services, to make an offer to the applicant setting out—

(a) the details of the public bus passenger service in respect of which it is proposed to grant the licence,

(b) the conditions under section 13 that it is proposed to apply to the operation of the public bus passenger service,

(c) the documents and other information that must be submitted by the applicant prior to the grant of the licence,

(d) the fee determined under section 12 that must be paid prior to the grant of the licence, and

(e) the period within which the applicant must respond in writing to the making of the offer indicating acceptance of that offer.

(2) Where an applicant does not comply with subsection (1) in full within the period established under that subsection, the offer shall cease to have effect and the Authority shall inform the applicant that the application shall receive no further consideration.