Public Transport Regulation Act 2009


Attachment of conditions to licences.

13.— (1) When granting, amending or renewing a licence, the Authority may apply conditions to the licence in respect of the operation of the public bus passenger service to which it relates.

(2) Notwithstanding the generality of subsection (1), the Authority may impose conditions that relate to—

(a) compliance by the applicant or licence holder at all times with the requirements of section 10 (3),

(b) the scheduling and frequency of bus services, including variations of such frequencies on different days or at different periods of each day,

(c) the route to be taken by the service,

(d) the stopping places on the route for the service, including conditions relating to access to or egress from the service at specified points,

(e) the commencement and completion points of the service,

(f) the ticketing for services, including where appropriate, the integration of ticketing with other transport services provided by the applicant or other public transport service operators,

(g) the provision of ticket dispensing machines or other ticketing, including integrated ticketing, equipment,

(h) the minimum number of vehicles that must be kept available for deployment in the provision of the service, and

(i) the minimum accessibility standards and emission standards for pollutants and noise to be complied with by vehicles deployed in the provision of the service.

(3) The Authority may require that a timetable for a public bus passenger service be provided by the applicant and that such timetable be displayed for the information of the public at places and in such a manner as it determines.

(4) Save where the Authority deems it not to be appropriate, the Authority shall require that a licence, or a document displaying details of a licence in a format it has approved, must be displayed in the vehicle being used to provide a public bus passenger service and may set out the locations and method for that display.

(5) The Authority may publish the timetable of any public bus passenger service in respect of which a licence has been granted in any format using any means, including electronic, that it sees fit.

(6) The Authority may establish different and separate conditions in relation to different categories of public bus passenger services.

(7) A licence holder or a person acting on behalf of a licence holder who in the provision of a public bus passenger service does not comply with a condition applied to a licence commits an offence.