National Asset Management Agency Act 2009


Removal of Chief Executive Officer from office.

40.— (1) The Chief Executive Officer ceases to hold that office if he or she—

( a) is adjudicated bankrupt,

( b) makes a composition or arrangement with creditors,

( c) is convicted of an indictable offence in relation to a company,

( d) is convicted of an offence involving fraud or dishonesty, or

( e) is disqualified or restricted from being a director of a company.

(2) The Minister may remove the Chief Executive Officer from office by reasonable notice in writing if—

( a) in the Minister’s opinion, the Chief Executive Officer—

(i) is not adequately performing his or her functions, whether because of incapacity through illness or injury or otherwise,

(ii) has contravened section 30 or 31 , or

(iii) has committed misconduct specified in the written notice,

( b) in the Minister’s opinion, a material conflict of interest has arisen in relation to the Chief Executive Officer, or

( c) his or her removal appears to the Minister to be necessary or expedient for the effective performance by NAMA of its functions.

(3) If the Chief Executive Officer dies, resigns, retires, becomes disqualified or is removed from office, the Board, after consulting the Minister and the Chief Executive of the NTMA, shall appoint another person to fill the vacancy so occasioned.

(4) An appointment pursuant to subsection (3) may be for all or a specified part of the term of office of the person replaced.

(5) In the circumstances mentioned in subsection (3) , and without prejudicing the Board’s powers under that subsection, the Board may appoint a person to perform the duties of the Chief Executive Officer temporarily. The duration of such an appointment, and the terms under which the person appointed holds that office, shall be as the Board determines at the time of appointment.