National Asset Management Agency Act 2009


Register of Board members’ interests.

31.— (1) As soon as practicable after the establishment day, NAMA shall prepare a Register of Members’ Interests.

(2) By 31 January in each year—

( a) each member of the Board, each officer of NAMA who has been directed by the Board to do so and each director of each NAMA group entity shall give notice to NAMA of all of his or her registrable interests (within the meaning given by the Ethics in Public Office Act 1995), and

( b) NAMA shall ensure that each registrable interest so notified is entered in the Register of Members’ Interests.

(3) Part VI of the Ethics In Public Office Act 1995 applies in relation to a contravention of subsection (2) as that Part does in relation to a contravention of Part IV of that Act.