National Asset Management Agency Act 2009


Indemnification of members of Board and officers of NAMA, etc.

34.— (1) This section applies to the following persons:

( a) each member of the Board;

( b) each member of a committee established under section 32 or 33 ;

( c) each officer of NAMA;

( d) a director of a NAMA group entity;

( e) a member of the staff of the NTMA.

(2) Where the Board is satisfied that a person to whom this section applies has discharged the functions appropriate to that person in relation to the functions of NAMA in good faith, NAMA shall indemnify that person against all actions or claims however they arise in relation to the discharge by that person of those functions.

(3) The Board shall not be prevented from revoking an indemnity granted to, or recovering any payment made pursuant to such an indemnity from, a person who is subsequently found to have carried out his or her duties in bad faith.