National Asset Management Agency Act 2009


Damages to be only remedy for certain claims.

182.— (1) Subject to subsection (2) , a claim to which this Chapter applies gives rise only to a remedy in damages or other relief that does not in any way affect the bank asset, its acquisition, or the interest of NAMA or the NAMA group entity or (for the avoidance of doubt) any property the subject of any security that is part of such a bank asset.

(2) A person may apply for an order that the person may apply for a remedy other than or in addition to that permitted by subsection (1) in relation to a claim to which this Chapter applies.

(3) An application for an order mentioned in subsection (2) shall be made only by leave of the Court. An application for such leave may be made ex parte.

(4) Leave shall not be granted to apply for an order under subsection (2) unless the Court is satisfied that the application raises a substantial issue for the Court’s determination and—

( a) the application for leave is made to the Court within 30 days after the later of—

(i) the notification by the participating institution to the relevant debtor, associated debtor, guarantor or surety under section 96 , and

(ii) the accrual of the cause of action in respect of which the legal proceedings arose,


( b) the Court is satisfied that—

(i) there are substantial reasons why the application was not made within that period, and

(ii) it is just and equitable in all the circumstances to grant leave having regard to the interests of any affected person.

(5) If the Court grants leave to apply for an order under subsection (2) , the applicant shall serve on NAMA the order granting leave and the application.

(6) The Court shall make an order under subsection (2) if and only if the Court is satisfied that if the applicant’s claim were established, damages would not be an adequate remedy.

(7) For the avoidance of doubt, this Chapter applies to proceedings in being at the time of specification in an acquisition schedule of a relevant bank asset.

(8) Nothing in this section prevents a party—

( a) defending proceedings in rem in respect of a bank asset instituted against it by NAMA, a NAMA group entity, a participating institution or a statutory receiver, in a manner which might affect the bank asset, its acquisition by NAMA or a NAMA group entity or any property the subject of any security, or

( b) in the defence of such proceedings, making any claim in relation to such a bank asset.

(9) Nothing in the section affects the operation of the Family Home Protection Act 1976.