National Asset Management Agency Act 2009


Dispute over total portfolio acquisition value.

122.— (1) If, after service of a completion notice on a participating institution, the participating institution wishes to dispute the total portfolio acquisition value, it shall do so only if—

( a) it is of the opinion that the aggregate market value of the acquired portfolio exceeds the total portfolio acquisition value, and

( b) it has served a notice or notices under section 121 in relation to acquired bank assets comprising at least 12.5 per cent by value of the total portfolio acquisition value.

(2) A participating institution that wishes to dispute the total portfolio acquisition value shall serve on NAMA a notice in writing, in the form (if any) that the Minister prescribes by regulation, no later than 14 days after the service of the relevant completion notice, specifying the reasons for its opinion.

(3) If a participating institution serves notice under subsection (2) , NAMA shall refer the dispute to the valuation panel for review.

(4) The service of notice by a participating institution under subsection (2) does not affect the acquisition by NAMA of the bank assets concerned.