National Asset Management Agency Act 2009


Objection to value placed on bank assets acquired from participating institution.

121.— (1) If, after the service on a participating institution of an acquisition schedule, a participating institution objects to the acquisition value specified in that schedule in relation to a bank asset, the participating institution shall serve on NAMA a notice in writing of its objection invoking the provisions of this Chapter within 14 days after the service on it of the acquisition schedule.

(2) On receipt of a notice under subsection (1) , NAMA may—

( a) remove the bank asset concerned from the relevant acquisition schedule,

( b) revoke the acquisition schedule, or

( c) continue with the acquisition in accordance with the acquisition schedule.

(3) NAMA shall notify the participating institution as soon as may be of its decision under subsection (2) .

(4) Where NAMA continues with an acquisition in accordance with the acquisition schedule concerned, the participating institution may dispute only the total portfolio acquisition value and may do so only as provided for and in accordance with section 122 , and is not otherwise entitled to dispute the valuation of any particular acquired bank asset.

(5) A participating institution is not entitled to challenge any valuation of NAMA including a total portfolio acquisition value, other than in accordance with this Chapter.