National Asset Management Agency Act 2009


Appointment and functions of expert reviewer.

112.— (1) The Minister may appoint as the expert reviewer for the purposes of this Chapter a suitably qualified person who, in the Minister’s opinion, has the experience necessary to perform the functions conferred on the expert reviewer under this Chapter.

(2) The terms and conditions of the appointment of the expert reviewer (including remuneration and reimbursement for expenses incurred) shall be as the Minister determines at the time of appointment.

(3) The functions of the expert reviewer are to review the objections referred to him or her under section 85 (3) and to advise the Minister in accordance with section 116 .

(4) Without prejudice to subsection (3) , the expert reviewer may, if he or she thinks that it is appropriate to do so, conduct the review of all or some of the objections from a participating institution on the basis of a sample of the bank assets that were the subject of objections referred to him or her under section 85 (3) and if he or she does so, the advice to the Minister under section 116 shall be based on that sample and shall be as valid, for all purposes of this Chapter, as if it had been based on a review of each bank asset that was the subject of an objection.