National Asset Management Agency Act 2009


NAMA to identify eligible bank assets for acquisition.

85.— (1) NAMA shall identify such of the eligible bank assets of a participating institution as NAMA proposes to acquire.

(2) NAMA may, for the purposes of identifying eligible bank assets that it proposes to acquire, consult with the participating institution concerned, but is not obliged to do so. The participating institution shall co-operate expeditiously with NAMA in any such consultation.

(3) If a participating institution has stated in information provided under section 80 that it does not consider a particular bank asset that NAMA proposes to acquire to be an eligible bank asset and that it objects to its acquisition, NAMA may—

( a) agree not to acquire the bank asset, or

( b) continue with the proposed acquisition and refer the matter to the expert reviewer.

(4) If NAMA proposes to continue with a proposed acquisition in accordance with subsection (3) (b) , NAMA shall notify the participating institution concerned of that fact as soon as may be.

(5) NAMA shall inform the participating institution of its proposed timetable for the acquisition of the eligible bank assets identified for acquisition. The timetable may specify that identified bank assets will be acquired on different dates.