Broadcasting Act 2009



31.— (1) The Authority and a statutory committee shall have all the powers necessary, incidental or conducive to their functions.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), the Authority shall have power necessary, incidental or conducive to its functions—

(a) to make contracts, agreements and arrangements,

(b) to require contractors to enter into financial bonds with the Authority on the recommendation of the Contract Awards Committee,

(c) to acquire and make use of copyrights, patents, licences, privileges and concessions,

(d) to compile, prepare, publish and distribute, with or without charge, printed, audio and audio-visual material,

(e) subject to the consent of the Minister, to arrange for the provision of broadcasting and related services for and on behalf of any Minister of the Government, and

(f) to undertake, sponsor or commission research.

(3) The Authority may invest any of its funds in any manner in which a trustee is empowered by law to invest trust funds.