Broadcasting Act 2009


Objectives of scheme.

155.— (1) The objectives of a scheme in relation to programmes referred to in section 154 (1) (a) are to—

(a) develop high quality programmes based on Irish culture, heritage and experience,

(b) develop these programmes in the Irish language,

(c) increase the availability of programmes referred to in paragraphs (a) and (b) to audiences in the State,

(d) represent the diversity of Irish culture and heritage,

(e) record oral Irish heritage and aspects of Irish heritage which are disappearing, under threat, or have not been previously recorded, and

(f) develop local and community broadcasting.

(2) The objective of a scheme in relation to the development of archiving of programme material produced in the State referred to in section 154 (1) (e) is to develop an integrated approach to the archiving of programme material, including the development of suitable storage processes and formats and the accessing of material by interested parties and reflecting the obligations of the Authority as set out in subsections (6), (7), (8) and (9) of section 69.

(3) The Authority, in preparing a scheme and in considering applications for funding, shall have regard to the objectives of a scheme.