Broadcasting Act 2009


Regulations in regard to television licences.

144.— (1) The Minister may make regulations prescribing in relation to all television licences or any particular class or classes of television licences in respect of premises or specified places generally or different classes of such, all or any of the matters following, that is to say:

(a) the form of a licence,

(b) the period during which a licence continues in force,

(c) the manner in which, the terms on which, and the period or periods for which a licence may be renewed,

(d) the circumstances in which or the terms under which the licence is granted,

(e) the terms and conditions to be observed by the holder of a licence and subject to which the licence is deemed to be granted,

(f) the circumstances and manner in which a licence may be amended, suspended or revoked by the Minister,

(g) the fees to be paid on the grant or renewal of a licence, including any discount of fees, and the time and manner at and in which such fees are to be paid, and

(h) matters which a licence does not entitle or authorise the licence holder to do.

(2) Where regulations are made under this section prescribing fees to be paid on the grant of a television licence, different fees may be prescribed in respect of licences granted in relation to different classes of premises or specified places and the number of television sets kept in the premises or specified place to which the television licence relates.

(3) No regulation shall be made under this section in relation to fees without the previous consent of the Minister for Finance.

(4) On the passing of this Act section 6 of the Act of 1926 does not apply in relation to television licences and any regulations made under that section before such passing and which are in force on such passing in relation to television licences continue as if made under this section.


Editorial Notes:


Regulations continued in force under subs. (6) are listed in the Classified List of Acts and Statutory Instruments under the listing for this Act at Title 2.3, available on under the Classified List link.