Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Act 2009


Claims for compensation.

29.— (1) The Assessor shall compile a list, in such a form as the Assessor considers appropriate, of the persons entitled to compensation in relation to transferred shares and extinguished rights.

(2) The Assessor may compile the list referred to in subsection (1) from—

(a) the register of members of Anglo Irish Bank immediately before the commencement of this Act,

(b) any records kept by Anglo Irish Bank of options or rights of the kind referred to in section 10(1)(a) and (b), and

(c) any other record that the Assessor reasonably believes to be relevant and reliable.

(3) The Assessor may require a person claiming compensation to provide evidence, in such form as the Assessor requires, in support of the claim. If the Assessor requires evidence in support of such a claim, he or she is not obliged to consider the claim if no evidence, or incomplete or insufficient evidence, is provided.