Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Act 2009


No shadow or de facto directorship.

21.— (1) While the Minister or the Minister’s nominee is a member of Anglo Irish Bank, none of the persons mentioned in subsection (2) is to be taken to be a shadow director (within the meaning given by section 27(1) of the Companies Act 1990) nor what is known as a de facto director nor (unless otherwise appointed as a director) as a person discharging managerial responsibilities of—

( a) Anglo Irish Bank,

( b) any of its subsidiaries, or

( c) any of its subsidiary undertakings.

(2) The persons are—

( a) the Minister,

( b) the Minister’s nominee,

( c) any person to whom the Minister’s functions under this Act are delegated, whether under the National Treasury Management Agency Act 1990 or otherwise,

( d) the Governor,

( e) any director of the Central Bank,

( f) F5 [ ]

( g) officers of, or consultants or advisors to, and persons employed by or under, or acting on behalf of, the Minister, the Central Bank F6 [ ].