Dublin Transport Authority Act 2008


Performance by Authority of functions of road authority.

68.— (1) Where—

( a) a road authority refuses or fails to comply with a direction under section 67 , or

( b) in any case in which it appears to the Authority that the circumstances so warrant,

the Authority may decide, notwithstanding any other enactment, to perform the function specified in the direction subject to such modifications (if any) as it considers appropriate.

(2) The Minister may prescribe a class of case in which a decision by the Authority under subsection (1) does not have effect unless or until it is approved by him or her.

(3) Where a decision is made by the Authority under subsection (1) to perform a particular function otherwise than through a road authority, the following have effect—

( a) the Authority is empowered (notwithstanding any other enactment) to perform the function and to do any other thing which arises out of or is consequential on or is necessary for the purposes of or would facilitate the performance of the function, and

( b) any enactment concerned applies in relation to the performance of the function subject to such modifications as may be necessary.