Dublin Transport Authority Act 2008


Directions to road authorities.

67.— (1) The Authority may, for the purposes of the implementation of the traffic management plan or otherwise for the purposes of traffic management, give a direction to a road authority to—

( a) acquire land by making a compulsory purchase order or otherwise,

( b) prepare, or arrange for the preparation of, designs for specified works,

( c) undertake specified works,

( d) undertake, or arrange for the undertaking of, a traffic management scheme, and

( e) do anything which arises out of or is consequential on or is necessary or expedient for the purposes of or would facilitate traffic management.

(2) Before giving a direction under subsection (1) to a road authority, the Authority shall consult with and consider the views of the road authority.

(3) A direction under subsection (1) may specify the time within which such direction is to be complied with and such other matters as the Authority considers necessary.