Health Act 2007


Grant or refusal of registration.

50.— (1) Where an application is made under section 48 for the registration or renewal of the registration of a designated centre, the chief inspector, if satisfied that the person who is the registered provider, or intended registered provider, and each other person who will participate in the management of the designated centre—

(a) is a fit person to be the registered provider of the designated centre and to participate in its management, and

(b) if the application is for registration, will comply with, or, if for renewal, is in compliance with—

(i) standards set by the Authority under section 8(1)(b),

(ii) regulations under section 101, and

(iii) any other enactment which appears to the chief inspector to be relevant, and is cited to the applicant in writing by the chief inspector,

shall grant the application and if not so satisfied shall refuse it.

(2) The chief inspector in granting an application under this section may—

(a) attach to the registration conditions that the chief inspector thinks fit in relation to the designated centre concerned, and

(b) attach different conditions in relation to the registration of different designated centres or of different categories of designated centres.

(3) On granting the application, the chief inspector shall issue a certificate of registration to the applicant, having first noted on the certificate—

(a) the enactments, if any, cited to the applicant under subsection (1)(b)(iii), and

(b) the conditions, if any, attached to the registration under subsection (2).