Health Act 2007


Register of designated centres.

49.— (1) For each registered designated centre there shall be entered in the appropriate register established and maintained under section 41 by the chief inspector—

(a) the name of the centre,

(b) the name—

(i) of the registered provider of the centre, and

(ii) of the person who is in charge of the centre whether that person is its registered provider or another person,

(c) the address of the premises in which the business of the centre is carried on,

(d) a statement of the number of residents who can be accommodated in the centre,

(e) the date on which the registration of the centre is to take effect (referred to in this Act as “the date of registration”),

(f) any conditions attached to the registration of the centre, and

(g) such other particulars as the Minister may prescribe.

(2) Subject to sections 48 and 51, the registration of a designated centre is for 3 years.

(3) The registers shall be—

(a) kept at the office of the chief inspector,

(b) open to inspection by members of the public free of charge, during normal business hours, and

(c) made available on the Internet and by any other means that the Minister specifies.

(4) On request, a copy of an entry in any register maintained by the chief inspector shall be issued by the chief inspector on payment of the fee, if any, not exceeding the reasonable cost of making the copy, as may be determined by the chief inspector.