Health Act 2007


Resignations and casual vacancies.

16.— (1) A member of the Board may resign by letter to the Minister and the resignation takes effect on the later of—

( a) the date specified in the letter, and

( b) the receipt of the letter by the Minister.

(2) If a member of the Board dies, resigns, ceases to be qualified for office, ceases to hold office or is removed from office, the Minister may appoint a person to fill the casual vacancy so occasioned.

(3) A person appointed to be a member of the Board under this section—

( a) holds office for that period of the term of office of the member who occasioned the casual vacancy concerned that remains unexpired at the date of the appointment, and

( b) subject to section 13(8) , is eligible for reappointment as a member of the Board on the expiry of that period.