Pharmacy Act 2007


The Council of the Society.

10.— (1) The Society shall have a Council.

(2) The Council shall consist of 21 persons appointed by the Minister.

(3) Of those 21—

(a) one shall be nominated by the Irish Medicines Board as representative of the management of the regulation of medicinal products,

(b) one shall be nominated by the Health Services Executive as representative of the management of the public health sector,

(c) one shall be a person appearing to the Minister to be representative of the provision of continuing professional development in relation to pharmacy,

(d) 3 shall be persons with such qualifications, expertise, interests or experience (or such combination of any of them) as would, in the opinion of the Minister, enable them to make a substantial contribution to the performance of the Society’s functions,

(e) 11 (including the persons referred to in paragraphs (a) to (d)) shall be persons who are not and never have been—

(i) registered as pharmacists or (before the coming into operation of Part 4 ) as pharmaceutical chemists or dispensing chemists and druggists, or

(ii) registered outside the State or otherwise qualified there as pharmacists,

(f) 9 shall be members of the Society who have been selected by its members in accordance with rules made under section 11(2)(b), and

(g) one shall be a member of the Society who has been selected as a representative of third level education establishments carrying out education, training or research in pharmacy, by—

(i) the deans of the schools of pharmacy of those establishments (including, where there is no such dean, the person whose functions are the same as or most nearly correspond to those which might be carried out by a dean), and

(ii) the heads of those establishments.

(4) In—

(a) making nominations under subsection (3)(a) and (b), the bodies there referred to, and

(b) making appointments in pursuance of subsection (3)(c), (d) and (e), the Minister,

shall have regard to the desirability of ensuring that the persons nominated or, as the case may be, appointed are also representative of the public interest.

(5) In relation to the first Council appointed after the establishment of the Society, the 9 persons referred to in subsection (3)(f) shall be members of the Council of the old Society selected for the purposes of this section by the members of the Council of the old Society before its dissolution.

(6) Schedule 1 shall apply in relation to the Council and its members and the employees of the Society.

(7) The Minister may not refuse to appoint to the Council a person nominated under paragraph (a) or (b) of subsection (3) or selected under paragraph (f) (as read with subsection (5)) or (g) of subsection (3).


Editorial Notes:


Procedure for selection by the Minister of members of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland for appointment to the Council pursuant to subs. (3)(f) and filling of casual vacancies on the Council prescribed (29.11.2008) by Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (Council) Rules 2008 (S.I. No. 492 of 2008), parts 2 and 3, in effect as per rule 2.