Consumer Protection Act 2007


Price display regulations.

57.— (1) If the Minister considers it to be in the interest of consumers, the Minister may make regulations requiring traders who supply a product, or a class or type of product, to display the price or charge to consumers of or for those products in any manner or form specified in the regulations.

(2) Without limiting subsection (1), a regulation under this section may—

(a) require prices or charges, or any combination of prices and charges, to be displayed in a single amount and inclusive of any charges, fees or taxes payable,

(b) require the price or charge display, or combined price and charge display, to state the range of prices or charges for the products, and

(c) prohibit the supply of the products to consumers at any price greater than the price or charge so displayed.

(3) The Minister may make different regulations under this section for different classes or types of products or traders.

(4) A regulation made under this section may apply to the whole State or to a prescribed geographical area of the State.

(5) This section is in addition to section 49 (respecting certain surcharges being stated as part of price).