Grangegorman Development Agency Act 2005

Consultative Group.


22.—(1) The Agency shall establish a group for the purposes of this section (in this section referred to as the “Consultative Group”).

(2) In this section “stakeholders” include the residents living in the Grangegorman neighbourhood (nominated in accordance with the provisions of Schedule 4), public representatives of the constituency or constituencies in which the Grangegorman site is located, patients and providers of healthcare services located on or near the site, Dublin City Council, the staff of the Dublin Institute of Technology, the student body of the Dublin Institute of Technology, the Dublin Institute of Technology, the Health Service Executive, the Minister for Health and Children, the Minister for Environment, Heritage and Local Government, the Minister and any other body the Agency or the Minister considers relevant.

(3) The Consultative Group shall consist of no more than 2 members from each of the stakeholders appointed by the Agency for such term as is determined by the Agency.

(4) A member of the Consultative Group appointed under subsection (3) may be removed from such membership at any time by the Agency.

(5) The Agency may at any time dissolve the Consultative Group appointed under subsection (3).

(6) The Consultative Group shall hold such and so many meetings as may be necessary to maintain an adequate communications strategy concerning the development of the Grangegorman site, but shall hold at least one meeting in each quarter of a year.

(7) The Consultative Group shall report to the Chairperson of the Agency at such times as it considers appropriate or where requested to do so by the Agency.

(8) The chief executive of the Agency or other person nominated by the chief executive shall be chairperson of the Consultative Group.