Grangegorman Development Agency Act 2005

Project Working Teams.


21.—(1) The Agency shall establish a group (to be known and referred to in this Act as a “Project Working Team”) in respect of each building development project forming part of the Grangegorman site.

(2) Each Project Working Team established in accordance with subsection (1) shall be composed of 6 members of whom—

(a) 3 shall be appointed by the Agency, and

(b) 3 shall be appointed by the relevant statutory agency to which the building development project relates.

(3) The Agency shall inform each Project Working Team by notice in writing of development proposals, and of any change to such proposals, and invite submissions from each Project Working Team concerned.

(4) The Agency shall consider any observations made to it by a Project Working Team within one month of the date of the notice provided for in subsection (3) or such other period as the Agency deems necessary.

(5) The Agency shall hold a meeting with each Project Working Team at least once in each quarter of a year.

(6) The Agency may at any time dissolve a Project Working Team established under this section.

(7) The Agency may at any time remove a member of a Project Working Team from membership of the Project Working Team.