Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse (Amendment) Act 2005

Interpretation (Part 3).


22.—In this Part, unless the context otherwise requires—

“Act of 2002” means the Residential Institutions Redress Act 2002;

“Board” means the Education (Former Residents of Certain Institutions for Children) Finance Board;

“childhood” in relation to a person, means the period of the person's life before he or she attained the age of 18 years;

“establishment day” means the day appointed by the Minister under section 23;

“grant” shall, other than in section 26(7), be construed in accordance with section 27(1);

“institution” means an institution that is specified in the Schedule to the Act of 2002;

“Minister” means the Minister for Education and Science;

“relative” means the spouse, son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, stepson or stepdaughter of a former resident of an institution.