Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse (Amendment) Act 2005



21.—(1) Nothing in this Part shall affect the operation after the passing of this Act of a direction given under the Principal Act before such passing (including a direction given before the resignation on 12 December 2003 from the office of Chairperson of the person who held that office before that day) and such a direction shall continue to have full force and effect after such passing.

(2) As respects—

(a) evidence (whether in documentary or any other form) or a submission or statement given or made to or produced before the Commission or a Committee before the passing of this Act (whether before or after the resignation referred to in subsection (1)), or

(b) evidence given to or produced before the Investigation Committee after such passing pursuant to discovery made before such passing,

the Commission or the Committee, as the case may be, may, for the purpose of the performance of its functions, take account of the evidence, submission or statement to the extent (if any) that it would have taken account of it, and attach to it the weight (if any) that it would have attached to it, if it had been given, made or produced after such passing or (in the case of evidence referred to in paragraph (b)) if the discovery had been made after such passing.