Disability Act 2005

Maintenance of records by Executive, etc.


13.—(1) The Executive shall keep and maintain records for the purpose of—

( a) identifying persons to whom assessments or services are being provided pursuant to this Part or the Act of 2004,

( b) identifying those services and the persons providing the services pursuant to this Part,

( c) specifying the aggregate needs identified in assessment reports which have not been included in the service statements,

( d) specifying the number of applications for assessments made under section 9 and the number of assessments completed under that section,

( e) specifying the number of persons to whom services identified in assessment reports have not been provided, including the ages and the categories of disabilities of such persons,

( f) planning the provision of those assessments and services to persons with disabilities.

(2) The Executive shall, within 6 months after the end of each year, submit a report in writing to the Minister in relation to the aggregate needs identified in assessment reports prepared including an indication of the periods of time ideally required for the provision of the services, the sequence of such provision and an estimate of the cost of such provision.

(3) A report under this section shall include such other information in such form and regarding such matters as the Minister may direct and shall be published by the Executive within one month of the date of its submission to the Minister.

(4) F5 [ ]




Deleted (25.05.2018) by Data Protection Act 2018 (7/2018), s. 202(b), S.I. No. 174 of 2018.