Disability Act 2005

Exchange of information.


12.—(1) The liaison officer who prepared a service statement may, with the consent of the applicant concerned or, where appropriate, a person referred to in section 9(2) , furnish a copy of the assessment report concerned or any other information which the liaison officer considers appropriate to a public body for the purpose of assisting the person in applying for personal or individual services provided by the body relevant to his or her needs.

(2) Where a public body is furnished with a copy of an assessment report under subsection (1), a member of staff of the body shall communicate with the applicant concerned, or where appropriate, a person referred to in section 9(2) or the liaison officer concerned for the purpose of facilitating or co-ordinating the provision of any service that may be provided to the applicant by the body that it considers that he or she is entitled to.

(3) F4 [ ]




Deleted (25.05.2018) by Data Protection Act 2018 (7/2018), s. 202(a), S.I. No. 174 of 2018.