Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005

Strategy statement.


43.—(1) At the times set out in subsection (2)(f), the Authority shall prepare and submit to the Minister for his or her approval, with or without amendment, a strategy statement for the following 3 year period.

(2) A strategy statement shall—

(a) specify the key objectives, outputs and related strategies (including the use of resources) of the Authority,

(b) have regard to the need to ensure the most beneficial, effective and efficient use of the Authority’s resources,

(c) except for the first strategy statement, include a review of the outcomes and effectiveness of the preceding strategy statement,

(d) specify the manner in which the Authority proposes to assess its performance in respect of the objectives referred to in paragraph (a), taking account of relevant performance indicators (financial and non-financial),

(e) be prepared in the form and manner that the Minister may from time to time direct,

(f) be prepared and submitted to the Minister not later than—

(i) in the case of the first strategy statement, 4 months after the coming into operation of section 32, and

(ii) in the case of each subsequent strategy statement, the third anniversary of the date of submission of the preceding strategy statement,


(g) include any other matters that the Minister may from time to time direct.

(3) When preparing the strategy statement, the Authority may consult such persons or bodies of persons that it considers appropriate.

(4) A strategy statement is deemed to be adopted when it is approved by the Minister.

(5) As soon as practicable after a strategy statement has been approved, the Minister shall cause a copy of the strategy statement to be laid before each House of the Oireachtas and the strategy statement shall be published in the form and manner that the Authority considers appropriate.