Road Traffic Act 2004

Inspection of driving licences of persons charged with certain offences.


21.—The following section is substituted for section 22 of the Act of 2002:

“22.—(1) A person who it is alleged has committed an offence or has been charged with the commission of an offence under the Road Traffic Acts 1961 to 2004 other than—

(a) section 84 (inserted by section 15 of the Act of 2002), section 85 (inserted by section 16 of the Act of 2002) or section 101 of the Principal Act, or

(b) section 35 (in so far as it relates to the parking of vehicles) or section 36 of the Act of 1994,

and is due to appear before a court to answer the accusation or charge, shall on the first date he or she is due to appear before the court or on a subsequent date at the discretion of the presiding judge, produce to the Court his or her driving licence and the Court shall record whether or not the licence has been produced.

(2) A person who fails to produce his or her licence to the court in accordance with the requirements of subsection (1) is guilty of an offence.

(3) In any proceedings for an offence under subsection (2)—

(a) a certified copy of a court order in relation to an offence referred to in subsection (1), or

(b) any other form of notification certifying that the driving licence was not produced to the court as provided for in the Rules of Court,

is admissible as evidence of those facts.”.