Residential Tenancies Act 2004

Adjudicator's report.


99.—(1) As soon as practicable after an adjudicator has made a determination under section 97 in relation to a dispute, the adjudicator shall prepare a report containing the following—

( a) a statement of what matters, if any, relating to the dispute are agreed by the parties to be fact,

( b) a summary of the matters (whether they go in whole or part to resolving the dispute or not) agreed to by the parties,

( c) the terms of the determination made by the adjudicator,

( d) in the case of a determination under section 97(4)(a) , a summary of the reasons for the determination, and

( e) relevant particulars in relation to the conduct of the adjudication (including particulars in relation to the number and duration of hearings held by the adjudicator, the persons who attended any such hearing and any documents submitted to the adjudicator).

(2) The adjudicator shall, after preparing a report under subsection (1), furnish a copy of it to the Board.

(3) After the receipt by it of a report under subsection (2), the Board shall serve on each of the parties a copy of the report and the following statement.

(4) That statement is one to the effect that the F143 [ Director ] will follow the procedures under section 121 (which concerns the making of determination orders) in relation to the determination of the adjudicator unless, in the case of a determination under section 97(4)(a) , an appeal is made under, and in accordance with, section 100 against the determination and that appeal is not subsequently abandoned.




Substituted (23.07.2018) by Planning and Development (Housing) and Residential Tenancies Act 2016 (17/2016), s. 48(2) and sch. part 3 ref. no. 5, S.I. No. 266 of 2018.