Residential Tenancies Act 2004

Section 12(1)(b) : supplemental regulations.


13.—(1) The Board, with the consent of the Minister, may make regulations specifying that particular parts of dwellings shall, for the purposes of section 12(1)(b) , be regarded as parts of the interior, or as parts of the structure, of dwellings.

(2) In making regulations under this section, the Board—

( a) may invite submissions in relation to the matter from any persons or organisations appearing to the Board to be representative of the interests of landlords and of tenants and consider any submissions from those persons or organisations made on foot of that invitation,

( b) shall not specify a part of a dwelling as being part of its structure or, as the case may be, part of its interior if, to do so, would, in its opinion, result in unreasonably burdensome obligations being imposed on landlords.

(3) Different regulations may be made under this section in respect of different classes of dwelling.