Official Languages Act 2003

Report of findings.


26. —(1) In any case where a complaint is made to the Commissioner and the Commissioner decides not to carry out an investigation under this Act or decides to discontinue such an investigation, he or she shall send to the person who made the complaint and to the public body concerned a statement in writing of his or her reasons for the decision and shall send to such other person as he or she considers appropriate such statement in writing in relation to the matter as he or she considers appropriate.

(2) In any case where the Commissioner conducts an investigation under this Act, he or she shall prepare and submit to—

(a) the public body concerned,

(b) the Minister, and

(c) in a case where a complaint is made to the Commissioner, the complainant,

a report in writing of the findings of the investigation and may include in the report any recommendations he or she considers appropriate having regard to the investigation.

(3) Without prejudice to subsection (2), the Commissioner may issue an interim report if he or she considers it appropriate so to do.

(4) The Commissioner may request a public body to submit to him or her within a specified time any comments it may have regarding any findings or recommendations contained in a report under this section.

(5) If, within a reasonable time after a report containing recommendations is submitted to a public body under subsection (2), any recommendations contained in the report have not, in the opinion of the Commissioner, been implemented by that body, the Commissioner may, after considering any responses made to him or her by the public body in respect of those recommendations, make a report thereon to each House of the Oireachtas.

(6) The Commissioner shall attach to every report under subsection (5) a copy of every response (if any) made by or on behalf of a public body to the said recommendations.