Children Act 2001

Restrictions on reports of proceedings in which children are concerned.


F105[93.(1) In relation to proceedings before any court concerning a child

(a) no report which reveals the name, address or school of any child concerned in the proceedings or includes any particulars likely to lead to the identification of any such child shall be published or included in a broadcast or any other form of communication, and

(b) no still or moving picture of or including any such child or which is likely to lead to his or her identification shall be so published or included.

(2) A court may dispense, in whole or in part, with the requirements of this section in relation to a child if satisfied that to do so is necessary

(a) where the child is charged with an offence

(i) to avoid injustice to the child,

(ii) where the child is unlawfully at large, for the purpose of apprehending the child, or

(iii) in the public interest,


(b) where the child is subject to an order under section 257D

(i) to avoid injustice to the child, or

(ii) to ensure that the order is complied with.

(3) Where a court dispenses with any requirements of this section, it shall explain in open court the reasons for its decision.

(4) Subsections (3) to (6) of section 51 of this Act shall apply, with the necessary modifications, to matters published or included in a broadcast or other form of communication in contravention of subsection (1).

(5) This section shall apply in relation to proceedings on appeal from a court, including proceedings by way of case stated.

(6) This section shall not affect the provisions of any enactment concerning the anonymity of an accused or the law relating to contempt of court.]




Substituted (1.03.2007) by Criminal Justice Act 2006 (26/2006), s. 139, S.I. No. 65 of 2007.