Children Act 2001

Conditions of bail.


90.—(1) When releasing a child on bail the Court may, in the interests of the child, make the release subject to one or more than one of the following conditions:

(a) that the child resides with his or her parents or guardian or such other specified adult as the Court considers appropriate,

(b) that the child receives education or undergoes training, as appropriate,

(c) that the child reports to a specified Garda Síochána station at a specified time at such intervals as the Court considers appropriate,

(d) that the child does not associate with a specified individual or individuals,

(e) that the child stays away from a specified building, place or locality except in such circumstances and at such times as the Court may specify,

(f) such other conditions as the Court considers appropriate.

(2) Where a child who is released on bail does not comply with any condition to which the release was subject and is subsequently found guilty of an offence, the Court, in dealing with the child for the offence, may take into account the non-compliance in question and the circumstances in which it occurred.

(3) Subsection (2) is without prejudice to any other enactment which empowers a court to deal with offences committed by a person while on bail.