Children Act 2001

Family conference.


78.—(1) Where, in any proceedings in which a child is charged with an offence—

(a) the child accepts responsibility for his or her criminal behaviour, having had a reasonable opportunity to consult with his or her parents or guardian and obtained any legal advice sought by or on behalf of him or her,

(b) it appears to the Court that it is desirable that an action plan for the child should be formulated at a family conference, and

(c) the child and child’s parent or guardian, or members of the child’s family or relatives of the child who in the opinion of the Court could make a positive contribution at a family conference, agree to attend such a conference and to participate in its proceedings,

the Court may direct the probation and welfare service to arrange for the convening of a family conference in respect of the child and adjourn the proceedings until the conference has been held.

(2) The Court may direct that the conference consider such matters relating to the child as the Court considers appropriate.