Children Act 2001

Regulations (Part 4).


47.—The Minister may make regulations prescribing—

(a) the procedures to be followed when the Director is deciding—

(i) whether or not a child should be admitted to the Programme,

(ii) whether an informal or a formal caution should be administered to a child,

(iii) whether the victim should be invited to the administration of a formal caution,

(iv) whether to convene a conference in respect of any child who has been placed under supervision;

(b) the level of supervision appropriate in any case or class of case;

(c) any criminal behaviour of a serious nature in respect of which admission to the Programme shall be excluded; or

(d) any other matter or thing which is referred to in this Part as prescribed;

or for the purposes of enabling any provision of this Part to have full effect and for its due administration.