Children Act 2001

F58[Attendance at conference by victim


32A. (1) Where the facilitator invites a victim to be present at a conference pursuant to section 32(4), he or she shall ensure that the victim

(a) is provided with full and unbiased information about

(i) the process relating to a conference,

(ii) the potential outcomes of the process under this Act, and

(iii) the procedures for monitoring the implementation of, and compliance with, an action plan,


(b) is informed that he or she may withdraw at any time his or her consent to being so present.

(2) The facilitator shall, where a victim is present at a conference, have regard to the need to safeguard the victim from secondary and repeat victimisation, intimidation or retaliation while the victim is so present.]




Inserted (27.11.2017) by Criminal Justice (Victims of Crime) Act 2017 (28/2017), s. 34(1)(c), S.I. No. 530 of 2017.