Children Act 2001



29.—In this Part “conference”, in relation to a child, means a meeting held pursuant to this Part of persons concerned with the child’s welfare, and such a conference shall have the following functions:

(a) to bring together the child in respect of whom the conference is being held, his or her parents or guardian, such other family members, relatives and other persons as appropriate and the facilitator with a view to—

(i) establishing why the child became involved in the behaviour that gave rise to his or her admission to the Programme,

(ii) discussing how the parents or guardian, family members, relatives or any other person could help to prevent the child from becoming involved in further such behaviour, and

(iii) where appropriate, reviewing the child’s behaviour since his or her admission to the Programme;

(b) as appropriate and in accordance with this Part, to mediate between the child and the victim;

(c) to formulate an action plan for the child; and

(d) to uphold the concerns of the victim and have due regard to his or her interests.