Children Act 2001

Visiting panel.


190.—(1) A visiting panel for children detention schools shall be established as soon as may be after the commencement of this section and shall consist of such number of persons, not being more than 8 or less than 6, as the Minister shall think proper.

(2) The members of the visiting panel shall be appointed by the Minister, and every member so appointed shall hold office as such member for such period not exceeding 3 years as the Minister shall think proper and specifies when appointing the member.

(3) In appointing members of the visiting panel, the Minister shall ensure that persons with knowledge or experience of matters relating to the welfare of children including their cultural and linguistic needs are adequately represented on it.

(4) The Minister may establish at any future time or times one or more than one additional visiting panel should the geographical situation of any of the schools justify such a course.

(5) The Minister may make rules setting out the duties and powers of visiting panels and the manner in which they shall perform the duties and exercise the powers imposed or conferred on them by this Part or by the rules.