Children Act 2001

Access to reports.


103.—(1) A copy of any report furnished to a court pursuant to a request under this Part shall, subject to subsection (2), be made available, on request, by the clerk or other proper officer of the court to—

(a) the parents or guardian of the child concerned or, in their absence, an adult relative of the child or other adult accompanying the child during the proceedings,

(b) any counsel or solicitor representing the child,

(c) F110[]

(d) every person entitled to appear and be heard at the proceedings to which the report relates and any counsel or solicitor appearing for any such person,

(e) where the court imposes a period of detention in a children detention school F111[], the Director of the school F111[], and

(f) any other person whom the court considers to have a proper interest in receiving a copy of the report.

(2) The court may order that the whole or any part of a report made available to any person pursuant to subsection (1) shall not be disclosed to any person specified in the order where it is satisfied that to do so would not be in the interests of the child or any other person to whom the report relates.

(3) Any copy of a report made available pursuant to subsection (1) shall, wherever possible, be supplied to the persons concerned in advance of the resumed sitting of the court.




Deleted (1.03.2007) by Criminal Justice Act 2006 (26/2006), s. 158 and sch. 4 am. no. 9, S.I. No. 65 of 2007.


Deleted (1.03.2007) by Criminal Justice Act 2006 (26/2006), s. 158 and sch. 4 am. no. 10, S.I. No. 65 of 2007.