Children Act 2001

Remand for preparation of report or other reason.


100.—(1) Where the court is satisfied of the guilt of a child, it may defer taking a decision to allow time for the preparation of any report requested pursuant to this Part or for other sufficient reason and for that purpose may remand the child on bail, subject to such conditions as it may think fit, or, pursuant to section 88, in custody for, where appropriate, the minimum period necessary for the preparation of any such report but not in any case exceeding 28 days.

(2) Notwithstanding subsection (1), where a child in respect of whom any such report is being prepared has been remanded on bail, the court may allow one extension of not more than 14 days for its preparation if satisfied, on application by the person preparing the report, that it is proper to do so.

(3) Any person responsible for making any such report shall make all reasonable endeavours to ensure that the report is lodged with the court at least 4 working days before the end of the period of remand.