Planning and Development Act 2000

Notice to require restoration of character of protected structures and other places.


60.—(1) In this section, “works”, in relation to a structure or any element of a structure, includes the removal, alteration or replacement of any specified part of the structure or element, and the removal or alteration of any advertisement structure.

(2) A planning authority may serve a notice that complies with subsection (3) on each person who is the owner or occupier of a structure situated within its functional area, if—

(a) the structure is a protected structure and, in the opinion of the planning authority, the character of the structure or of any of its elements ought to be restored, or

(b) the structure is in an architectural conservation area and, in the opinion of the planning authority, it is necessary, in order to preserve the character of the area, that the structure be restored.

(3) A notice under subsection (2) shall—

(a) specify the works required to be carried out for the purposes of restoring the structure or element referred to in the notice,

(b) state that the person on whom the notice is served may, within a specified period of not less than 8 weeks from the date of the service of the notice, make written representations to the planning authority concerning the notice,

(c) invite that person to enter into discussions with the planning authority, within a specified period of not less than 8 weeks from the date of the service of the notice, concerning the notice and in particular concerning—

(i) the provision by the planning authority of advice, materials, equipment, the services of the authority’s staff or other assistance in carrying out the works specified in the notice, and

(ii) the period within which the works are to be carried out,

(d) specify the period within which, unless otherwise agreed in the discussions under paragraph (c), the works shall be carried out, being a period of not less than 8 weeks from the end of the period allowed for entering into discussions, and

(e) state that the planning authority shall pay any expenses that are reasonably incurred by that person in carrying out the works in accordance with the notice, other than works that relate to an unauthorised structure which has been constructed, erected or made 7 years or less prior to the service of the notice.

(4) In deciding whether to serve a notice under this section, a planning authority shall have regard to any guidelines issued under section 52 and any recommendations made under section 53.

(5) If the invitation under subsection (3)(c) to enter into discussions is accepted, the planning authority shall facilitate the holding of those discussions.

(6) After considering any representations made under subsection (3)(b) and any discussions held under subsection (5), the planning authority may confirm, amend or revoke the notice and shall notify the person who made the representations of its decision.

(7) Particulars of a notice served under this section shall be entered in the register.