Planning and Development Act 2000

F418[Section 37L: supplemental provisions


37M.(1) Before making a decision in relation to an application for permission under section 37L the Board may, at its absolute discretion and at any time

(a) require the applicant for permission to submit further information, including a revised F419[environmental impact assessment report] or Natura impact statement,

(b) indicate that it is considering granting permission, subject to the applicant for permission submitting revised particulars, plans or drawings in relation to the development,

(c) request submissions or observations from the applicant for permission, any person who made written submissions or observations concerning the proposed development to it in accordance with the permission regulations, or any other person who may, in the opinion of the Board, have information which is relevant to the making of the decision in relation to the application, or

(d) make any information relating to the application available for inspection, notify any person or the public that the information is so available and, if it considers appropriate, invite further submissions or observations to be made to it within such period as it may specify.

(2) The Board may, at any time after the expiration of the period specified in a notice issued under the permission regulations for making submissions or observations, make its decision under section 37N on the application.]




Inserted (14.07.2015) by European Union (Environmental Impact Assessment and Habitats) Regulations 2015 (S.I. No. 301 of 2015), reg. 4.


Substituted (16.12.2023) by Planning and Development, Maritime and Valuation (Amendment) Act 2022 (29/2022), s. 18, S.I. No. 645 of 2023.