Planning and Development Act 2000

F226[ DTA role in the making, amending or revoking of local area plans by planning authorities.


31E. (1) Where a notice is received by the DTA under section 20(3)(a)(i), it shall prepare and submit to the relevant planning authority a report on the issues which, in its opinion, should be considered by the planning authority in making, amending or revoking a local area plan.

(2) The report under subsection (1) shall address, but shall not be limited to

(a) the transport investment priorities for the period of the local area plan,

(b) the scope, if any, to maximise the performance of the transport system by effective land use planning,

(c) recommendations regarding the optimal use, location, pattern and density of new development taking account of its transport strategy, and

(d) recommendations on the matters to be addressed in the local area plan to ensure the effective integration of transport and land use planning. ]




Inserted (4.01.2010) by Dublin Transport Authority Act 2008 (15/2008), s. 95, S.I. No. 574 of 2009.