Electricity Regulation Act 1999


F190[Fees relating to applications for LPG safety licences.

9JF. (1) Where a LPG undertaking submits an application for a safety licence it shall be accompanied by such fee, if any, as the Commission may determine to be appropriate, having regard to the nature of the designated LPG activity to which the safety licence relates.

(2) The level of fees shall be structured to ensure that the fee relating to the licence is sufficient to enable the Commission to recover the reasonable costs and expenses which the Commission is likely to incur by reason of its consideration of the application concerned and matters directly pertaining to the application concerned including the costs and expenses incurred in determining conditions relating to the grant or the refusal to grant a LPG safety licence.

(3) The Commission shall make information on the structure and methodology of how it has determined such fees available to the LPG undertaking concerned where requested to do so.]




Inserted (24.01.2013) by Energy (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2012 (3/2012), s. 18(1), S.I. No. 20 of 2013.