Education Act 1998

Dissolution by patron at request of Minister.


17.(1) Where—

(a) the Minister is satisfied that the functions of a board are not being effectively discharged, or

(b) a board willfully neglects to comply with any order, direction or regulation of the Minister given or made under this Act, or

(c) a board fails to comply with any judgment or order of any court of competent jurisdiction,

the Minister may, by notice in writing, require the patron to dissolve the board for reasons stated in such notice and the patron shall dissolve the board accordingly as soon as may be after the date of such notice.

(2) Before the Minister serves a notice as provided for in subsection (1), he or she shall inform the board and the patron of his or her intention to do so and shall consider any representations made to him or her by or on behalf of the board or the patron within one month of informing the board and the patron.

(3) Whenever the patron dissolves a board under this section, subsections (5) and (7) of section 16 shall apply.