Education Act 1998

Dissolution by a patron.


16.(1) Subject to this section and to the consent of the Minister, the patron may—

(a) for good and valid reasons stated in writing to a member of a board of management remove that member from that office, or

(b) if satisfied that the functions of a board are not being effectively discharged, dissolve that board.

(2) Where a patron proposes to remove a member of a board from that office or to dissolve a board, the patron shall inform that member or board by notice in writing of his or her intention and the reasons therefor.

(3) If, at the end of a period of one month after the date of the notice provided for in subsection (2), the patron, having considered any representations made to him or her by or on behalf of the member or the board, remains of the view that the member should be removed from office or that the board should be dissolved then the patron may, subject to the approval of the Minister, by notice in writing and stating the opinion of the patron and the reasons therefor, remove the member from office or dissolve the board as appropriate.

(4) A copy of every notice issued under this section and any representations made to the patron shall be delivered to the Minister as soon as may be after it has been made.

(5) Whenever the patron dissolves a board, the patron may, subject to the approval of the Minister, appoint any person or body of persons as the patron thinks fit to perform the functions of the board.

(6) Where a patron removes a member of a board the resulting vacancy shall be filled in accordance with regulations made under section 14 (6).

(7) The patron shall provide, in accordance with section 14, for the re-establishment of a board dissolved under subsection (1) not later than six months following the dissolution or such longer period as the patron, with the consent of the Minister, considers appropriate and when the new board has been established the functions of the dissolved board shall be re-vested in the new board and shall cease to be functions of the person or body of persons, if any, appointed under subsection (5).